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Some of our design considerations for an INSTITUTIONAL PROJECT: 

to strike a well balance between a functional design and an aesthetically pleasing design.

to create a smart and flexible space that serves the intended occupants and the community, yet caters for future needs.

to consider the construction efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the design and construction.

to include sustainable design attributes such as using sustainable materials, maximizing natural ventilation and sunlight which reduces the building’s energy consumption and carbon discharge. 

to ensure universal accessibility and space interconnectivity for the intended occupants, persons with disabilities and the elderly.

to design with intended occupants’ interest first, keep privacy, security and safety in check with well-planned  designated entrances and exits, and multiple barriers to entry, fire protection system, etc. 

to comply with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practices.

to consider the projected long term maintenance requirement and cost for proposed building materials, design and technology. 

to identify, eliminate or to mitigate any hazard that may arise from the design, construction or regular maintenance.

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