Our Name and Logo

Our Name

is crafted from two old English words – Thy (Your) & Hymn (Song of Praise).


We are convicted that our practice will be our Song of Praise to Our Creator.

Our Logo

is a visual expression of our conviction.


y symbolizes a pair of  outstretched arms. The posture represents our practice as our Song of Praise to our redeemer.

Our Colour

is grey which symbolises the process of refining silver.


Just as how silver is being refined and purified, we foster a continuous growth and capability development which is required to better serve our stakeholders.

Thymn Pte. Ltd.

37 Jalan Pemimpin #04-05 Mapex Singapore 577177

T +65 6746 0070

Co / GST Reg No. 200819169C

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