Our Passion

Build Green . We believe we are called to be steward of God’s creation. Our passion is to made full use of the resources given to maximize their potential.

Here are some of our GREEN practices.

  • Optimal yet Safe Design   

    What we practice?

    We use engineering ingenuity to best design the structure to meets it performance criteria to save precious natural resources.

    Green Effects . Optimal Design will save precious natural resources.

  • Techology

    What we practice?

    We use latest technology to improve communication between stakeholders to avoid abortive works, reduce miscommunication.

    Green Effects . ??.

  • Creative Yet Functional Design

    What we practice?

    Creative architecture design that is yet functional without compromising on aesthetic and form.

    Green Effects . ??.

  • Natural Sunlight

    What we practice?

    maximize sunlight with windows, skylight, air wells, etc. ceilings or walls with reflective white surfaces also diffuse daylight into the building.

    Green Effects . Using Natural Sunlight conserves energy and lower electricity bills!

    PINK effects . Getting sufficient sunlight prevents osteoporosis, depression, type 2 diabetes, affecting bladder, colon, stomach, etc. 

    Do you know . Excessive UV radiation has been linked to skin cancer. Undesirable heat gain may higher electricity bills.

  • Natural Ventilation

    What we practice?

    We would design building to face the prevailing wind to achieve cross ventilation. Minimize west facing window and facade.

    Green Effects . Natural Ventilation eliminated usage of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioners which conserves energy!

    PINK effects . fewer building related symptoms such as headaches, eye irritation etc.

    Do you know . In Singapore, wind blows from north or northeast between December and early March. Then from the south or southeast between June and September.

  • Solar Elements

    What we practice?

    We would suggest a photo-voltaic (PV) system that harvest the energy of the sun's rays for all or partial of the building's energy needs.

    Green Effects . Air emissions of particles, carbon dioxide, and other harmful elements will be reduced.

    PINK effects . Reduced energy eliminates the air pollution which leads poor health, smog and global climate change.

    Do you know . The average commercial solar system will last between 25 and 30 years. ​The payback period will be about 15 years and have an internal rate of return of 4.5%.

  • Thermal Transfer

    What we practice?

    we are mindful of the construction materials, orientation and the heat and solar radiate through glass walls, window, etc. 

    Green Effects . Reduction of solar heat keep the indoor space comfortable and decrease the air conditioning bills.

    PINK effects . Reduction of harmful UV rays and glare of sunlight will lead to less eye fatigue.

    Do you know . In Singapore, new buildings are required to submit Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) as part of statutory compliance.

  • Greenery

    What we practice?

    Greenery that is easy to maintain. It enhances the aesthetics of the space. Also create a humidity level that matches the human comfort range of 30% to 60%.

    Green Effects . Indoor greenery improves indoor air quality and humidity.

    PINK effects . people are more relaxed in a space with greenery. This improves productivity, reduce stress and blood pressure.

    Do you know . Plant releases carbon dioxide at night. Thus, placing plants in the bedroom is not a good idea.

  • Vertical Greenery

    What we practice?

    Vertical Greenery is often adopted to transform neglected spaces into Roof gardens, sky terraces etc. Shallow, light weight growing media with carefully selected plants that minimize maintenance.

    Green Effects . reduces noise level up to 50 dB. Vertical Greenery is an insulation to heat. Hence it reduces energy costs!

    PINK effects . reduces glare and improves the air quality in the vicinity.

    Do you know . Due to the weight of the growing media and greenery, the design of structure may be more demanding.

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