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5-Storey Multi-Tenanted Ramp-Up Warehouse with Mezzanine Carpark and Garden

Site Area: 29,900 Sqm

Gross Floor Area: 59,700 Sqm

Year Of Completion: End 2024 

Role: Design Architect, Civil Engineer

Aligned with Boustead's adoption of transformative technologies, the $120 million catered for temperature-controlled storage follows a rigorous design process involving BIM (Building Information Modelling), allowing for the integration of multi-disciplinary data. This data acquired throughout the design phase is synthesized and responded to, allowing operational and maintenance tasks to be enhanced. 36 Tuas Road is thus created as an amalgamation of adjustments, resulting in a solution that best serves its tenants.

In terms of its façade design, a grey colour palette is utilized with stylish metal cladding to create a classic and minimalistic façade that conveys beauty in its simplicity. At the same time, a textured feature wall and louvres complement the metal, creating a play of textures. Ultimately, these components combine to form an elegant façade that is synonymous with the purpose of the building - excelling in utility and aesthetic to create an expansive and contemporary industrial look.

The structural concept for the building is deploying post-tensioned flat slabs with drop panels or PT beams. RC columns and walls have been adopted as vertical supporting elements. Each floor has a typical imposed load of 25kPa, and driven piles and jacked-in piles are adopted based on the soil profiles and balance safety and cost considerations. 

One technical challenge for this project is a non-uniform layered soil profile underlying the site. Additional tests have been taken to ensure that a safe and robust foundation system can be implemented.

Structural System: PT slab with drop panels; PT slab with PT beams; RC columns, walls, beams and slabs.

Foundation System: Driven RC piles and Jacked-in RC piles

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