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Construction Of Quay Walls And Open Fabrication Yards, Load Out Platforms And Ancillary Structures
Site Area: 9 Ha
Gross Floor Area:  NA
Year Of Completion: 2024
Role: Registered Architect, Civil Engineer

This cutting-edge shipyard is equipped with infrastructure and a strategic combination of heavy-duty equipment that empowers to deliver world-class vessels and services. 

Our latest project is nothing short of remarkable, involving the meticulous erection of quays, load-out platforms, skidding beams, a powerful 900T gantry crane, and a versatile 50T level luffing crane. 

At the heart of our shipyard lies the advanced load-out operation that enables the safe transfer of large structures from the fabrication site to a sea-borne vessel. 

The ground improvement technique – vibro stone columns were implemented to enhance the overall soil stiffness in the existing marine clay condition. 

Structural System: Conventional RC

Foundation System: RC Spun Piles, RC Bored Piles, Steel Sheet Piles, Steel Pipe Piles, Stone Columns

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