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12 Penjuru Lane


4-Storey Purpose-Built Ramp-Up Warehouse With Ancillary Office And Roof Top Parking Container Parking (Hazmat)
Site Area: 18,646 Sqm
Gross Floor Area: 46,616 Sqm
Year Of Completion: 2023
Role: Registered Architect, Civil Engineer

This is a $50 million 4-storey purpose-built ramp-up warehouse facilities extension to the existing warehouse built in 2015. The 1st storey is designed for storing flammable material and 2nd storey for hazardous goods, while the 3rd to 4th storey are designed for general warehouse storage. 

Each warehouse has its dedicated loading and unloading bay served by an extension ramp to the existing ramp serving the existing warehouse.

The structural concept for the building is deploying post-tensioned flat slabs with RC columns and walls as its vertical elements to optimise the design. This building is also designed for seismic effects; shear walls had been adopted to resist the lateral actions. Each floor has a typical imposed load of 20kPa. A foundation system of precast RC driven piles were adopted based on the soil profiles and to balance safety and cost considerations.

One technical challenge for this project is to integrate the existing Dangerous Goods Warehouse together with the New Dangerous Good Warehouse and complying to all the fire safety requirements holistically. At completion, the facilities will be the largest Dangerous Good warehouse in Singapore.

Structural System: PT flat slabs, RC columns, shear walls, beams
Foundation System: RC bored piles, driven RC piles

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